About our New Facility

The new 240- bed facility is purpose-built for complex-needs residents, it also features an Adult Day Program  with 30 spaces offering specialized services for frail seniors still living at home.

  • Smaller 20-bed units will mean residents live in a family-like environment where staff can deliver person-centered care that meets each resident’s changing physical and psychological needs.
  • Smaller units are vital for people with dementia as the disease is often accompanied by behavioural problems. We can work with families to manage their care within a safe space that is less prone to conflicts with other patients struggling with the disease.
  • The dining room, lounges and activity rooms will mean residents and families can benefit from small group interactions, quiet spaces and receive personalized care.
  • Enclosed gardens and balconies will allow residents to enjoy the outdoors in safe and secure settings.
  • We can partner with the Lower Mainland’s multicultural communities to deliver culturally appropriate residential care and maintain connections with aging family members.

Resident Room Information

Resident Room

Our rooms are light and bright with very large windows. All furniture pieces are provided for you:

  • A wardrobe for hanging and/or folded clothes with shoe storage
  • A nightstand with 3 drawers, one locking
  • A high back chair especially designed for neck and back support, and to make getting up and sitting down easy and safe
  • Additional personal storage is provided in the spacious bathroom
  • Contemporary window blinds.

The room colours are warm and neutral greys, a great backdrop for personal artwork, favourite paintings and photographs. Four bright colour accents are used to identify the neighbourhoods on each floor, and they are also used on door frames and memorabilia boxes at each resident room entrance.

These colours might just be the inspiration, should you wish to select your own bedspread or other wall decor touches.

Images and Video of our New Facility

The team at New Vista is getting ready for the move into our new Care Home on September 12th. Part of our preparation was to conduct a practice move to ensure our well thought out protocols work. We have engaged Health Care Relocation who have year of experience, to assist with the planning and move, thanks Cameron and Paul from HCR. Here is some media we took on the day of the mock move.