Health and Safety

Help us keep our residents safe!

New Vista is both a home and a Health Care Facility. Our residents are frail and are prone to become very ill, from exposure to a simple sore throat or from a cough. We would ask that if you are not well that you delay your visit to New Vista, until you feel better.

We ask that when you enter New Vista you use the antimicrobial gel available at the entrance and throughout the building. It will help us reduce the viruses that enter the building with you that you may have picked up from touching a shopping cart or door knob in your travels.

The Ministry of Health mandates a flu shot for all staff and visitors yearly. If you have not had a current flu shot you will be asked to wear a mask while visiting at New Vista between December and April. They are available on a small table in the entrance during flu season.

We welcome children and pets to visit with our residents. The joy they bring is incredible. We ask that you closely supervise your pet or children. Some of the equipment in the care home may be dangerous to play with, and some of the residents can become easily agitated.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our residents safe.