Reimagining Seniors Care

The New Vista Society urgently needs to rebuild its care facility. The Care Home on Rosewood Street (Burnaby) was built in 1975 for a vastly different seniors population. At the time, it was purpose built as a personal care and intermediate care facility.

With a community shift to “aging in place” only the neediest seniors – those living with significant health or cognitive issues – move into residential care. Now, almost 80% of our residents have dementia, including those with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and dementia with Lewy Bodies.

The prevalence of dementia has changed the relationship between our residents and staff. Our two secure units on the ground floor and the upper 96-bed units simply do not allow us to create the environment of person-centred care we seek to deliver and which our residents desperately require.

This is why we are rebuilding the Care Home, on the existing Edmonds site.

The new 240-bed facility will be purpose-built for complex-needs residents where frail elderly and the residents of other care homes can receive specialized day services.

The impact of the new facility on residents, day clients, families, and the public health system will be substantial and welcomed.

Residential Care
  • Smaller 20-bed units will mean residents live in a family-like environment where staff can deliver person-centred care that meets each resident’s changing physical and psychological needs.
  • Smaller units are vital for people with dementia as the disease is often accompanied by behavioural problems. We can work with families to manage their care within a safe space that is less prone to conflicts with other patients struggling with the disease.
  • The dining room, lounges and activity rooms will mean residents and families can benefit from small group interactions, quiet spaces and receive personalized care.
  • Enclosed gardens and balconies will allow residents to enjoy the outdoors in safe and secure settings.
  • We can partner with the Lower Mainland’s multicultural communities to deliver culturally appropriate residential care and maintain connections with aging family members.
Assisted Living and Independent Seniors Housing

At The New Vista Society, we seek to help seniors living at home remain there for as long as possible, in an enriching environment.

With the land we have available, we will add assisted living housing options to our campus of care, as we re-imagine our site. A wider array of housing options will mean independent seniors can dine or access recreational programs on our site.

We also plan to expand the Adult Day Program to serve more frail elderly and those living with chronic diseases, reducing isolation and ensuring they can remain at home safely, among friends and family.

We will offer fee-based services including bathing, physiotherapy, massage, foot care and hair care will be expanded to Day Program clients ensuring wellness, personal hygiene and mobility within a one-stop shop.

Critical to success are creative partnerships with community, with BC Housing and with Fraser Health, to connect people to services cost effectively and within community. Our aim is to enable seniors to remain healthy in their own home, to contribute to their community and to create a vibrant and enriching environment for all.