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New Vista Society thrives through the generosity and support of its valued partners and donors.

As a non-profit housing facility dedicated to fostering a vibrant community and providing exceptional care, our partners and donors play a pivotal role in actualizing our mission.

Partnering with us means joining a collective effort dedicated to excellence. Whether you’re a corporate entity, a philanthropic organization, or an individual donor, your collaboration with New Vista Society signifies a commitment to enhancing lives and creating an environment where individuals thrive.


Together, we are building a brighter future for those in our care, and your partnership is invaluable in achieving this shared vision.

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"The staff were very sweet!
Especially cheerful and caring,
I was very relieved to see them
taking care of and speaking
Cantonese to my grandma!"


Donations and community partnerships are critical to achieving our vision of care for seniors, and affordable housing in greater Vancouver.

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Volunteers make a significant contribution to our community at New Vista Society, both in our Care Community and at our housing sites.

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