Celebrating Asian Heritage Month at New Vista Society



Celebrating Asian Heritage Month at New Vista Society

New Vista staff celebrated Asian Heritage Month with amazing, mouth-watering Asian dishes to share with co-workers. A great time was had by all!

We would like to THANK ALL OF YOU, especially the following for contributing their national dish and making this event a huge success:

  • Roast pig (Lechon): Rosa Go, Rowena Oandasan, Lauren Baltazar, Leila Caranto, Vivian Vega, Maria Sansalone, Maria Gonzales, Jun Asuan
  • Tandoori Pizza: CEO
  • Pancit (Chow Mein), Pop & Water: People & Culture Team
  • "Surprise Dish": Stephanie Volpiano
  • Pork & Fork: Andrea Romero
  • Pork with shrimp paste and egg plant: Nena Pilola, Krizia Ronco, Belinda Cruz (4th floor team)
  • Rice Cake: Jie Chen (Housing)
  • Vegetarian Biryani and Raita: Neena Suri and Mohini Ram
  • Kutsinta, pichi-pichi, puto and chicken empanada: Chandan Rokaya, Nellie Garcia, Helen Valdez (5th floor)
  • Samosa: Amanadeep Sohal, Pam Sahota, Rosie Sidhu, Fred Yorke
  • Puto and Dinuguan: Rosemary Markowski, Yvonne Aniban, Sunny Kim, Genevieve Macaraandang, Ednalyn Cruz, Gloria Gargantiel (2nd floor)
  • Bibingka (sticky rice with coconut milk): Lina Carvajal and team 7th floor
  • "Surprise Dish": Stephanie Volpiano
  • Green Salad: Flora Pan
  • Bitter melon
  • Black Forest Cake: Diana Davis
  • Chicken yellow curry (Thai Food) and Rice: Orathai Thongkek (Drake Medox College)
  • Fruit, Puto, Cassava Cake & Sandwiches: Drake Medox Students

Special thanks to those who contributed but wished to remain anonymous.

For the evening shift, the potluck started at 3:45pm and went until 4:30pm, allowing everyone to partake in the festivities. This celebration not only highlighted the diverse culinary traditions within our community but also fostered a sense of unity and shared joy among our staff.

We are grateful for the efforts of everyone who participated and made this year’s Asian Heritage Month celebration memorable and delicious. Your contributions truly showcased the rich cultural heritage we are proud to celebrate.

Thank you again to all who joined in and made this event a great success!

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